Adventures on Planet Earth

a Bitcoin node using Raspberry Pi

Sample output during the node synchronisation process :

  "chain": "main",
  "blocks": 351405,
  "headers": 511505,
  "bestblockhash": "00000000000000000e713b8f3b5f52e57585122dc4ffa50b98f5be2e98d4aeca",
  "difficulty": 49446390688.24144,
  "mediantime": 1428593574,
  "verificationprogress": 0.2167161316271393,
  "chainwork": "00000000000000000000000000000000000000000006053b6a72e765d904063c",
  "pruned": false,
  "softforks": [
      "id": "bip34",
      "version": 2,
      "reject": {
        "status": true
      "id": "bip66",
      "version": 3,
      "reject": {
        "status": false
      "id": "bip65",
      "version": 4,
      "reject": {
        "status": false
  "bip9_softforks": {
    "csv ...

Winch, this is Control, come in.

Aston Down airfield United Kingdom

I spent this morning out in the damp cold working on the family car. Summer seemed a long time ago and I reminisced about a particularly good few days at Aston Down.

This is a picture through the windscreen of an old double-decker bus parked on the runway - the air control ...

Johannesburg to Musina

View from a hilltop in Musina South Africa

In December 2002 I traveled as far north of Johannesburg as one can go in South Africa. Way up to a little town called Musina just bordering Zimbabwe. There, on the top of a water reservoir overlooking a valley, a group of us stood and watched day turn to night in ...

A tour around the Cape region of South Africa

View from Cape Point in South Africa

I am often asked by friends to recommended things to see and do in South Africa. Here is a recent recommendation for a very busy 1.5 week trip around the Cape region, centered in that gorgeous city, Cape Town.

  • grab some food at the V&A waterfront (tourist hotspot)
  • relax ...

In search of bitcoins

Following the bitcoin story has been very interesting (e.g. ideas about the concept of money, and what gives it value). I recently decided to go through the process of obtaining some of the currency as part of a self-education in blockchain technology. This was the rate of exchange with costs ...